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Music Players: A Look at How They Were in The Past

Music is one of the things that shape our culture. Music players are therefore one of the most important technological gadgets for many of us. Whatever genre it may be, we always want to hear our favorite music through our own gadgets. But, have you ever wondered what people used to consider as their iPods? Today, we want to get our hands on the newest headphones and devices mass-produced by leading companies where we can play our tunes. In the olden days, people could only use whatever technology was available, which in comparison to us now, we have a vast selection of gadgets available for our perusal whenever and wherever we want to hear our music. Take a look at the inventions that were considered trendy before and its evolution throughout the years. 1.  Victrola In 1877, this phonograph was created by the Victor Machine Talking Company, which looked more like …

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