Vintage Fashion

vintage fashion

Wear me Vintage: Unorthodox Vintage Fashion Style

Vintage fashion has come back into the scene with the many different kinds of styles emerging in our era. Simple, classy exudes ancient and modern at the same time. Vintage clothing is not only good for costumes on Halloween or special occasions, but everyday wear, streetwear to be precise. Clothing is a way we can express ourselves in any occasion or casual day. Like any vintage pieces, it takes at least 50 years to be considered as vintage, but that’s for true vintage. At least 20 years is fine so let’s dive into how vintage streetwear came to be. Pick an item, any item, as long as one of these items resembles the style from the 60s, 70s, or even the 80s, then creating a vintage fashion inspired style would be easy for you. Pair a cloche or bucket at with a pair of tattered jeans and a graphic tee …

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90s Fashion for Women

If you do need just one extra item to produce your costume perfect, I also have included some items readily available on Amazon to give you a hand.

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