Vintage Board Games

These Vintage Board Games Will Forever Be Classics

Very few things feel as good as the feeling you get when you get home at the end of a long day and have a game waiting for you. Board games are the modern day camp fire. Sitting around friends or family just having a good time without having anything or anyone get hurt. The ambience around board games for the most part is usually calm and there is usually a feeling of togetherness. These vintage board games are classics, from a time long gone, a time that seems to have been simpler and straight forward.

Let’s take a look at some of the most iconic vintage board games of all time.

Uncle Wiggily Game

This game was an instant classic. It was a game that was dependent not on brain power but by randomly drawing up cards. It was a game of the racing variety, a game where you try to beat your opponent to the finish. The game was designed for children and was derived from the Uncle Wiggily Longears children’s book of 1910.


Candy Land 

Candy Land was first published in 1949 and it followed the route Uncle Wiggily had led. It was also a racing game and did not require any strategic and the winner is ultimately determined by the drawing up of cards. The goal of the game is to find King Kandy who is the lost King of Candy Land.

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Yahtzee was made by Milton Bradley who also made the Candy Land board game. It traces its roots back to the popular Scandinavian game, Yatzy. Unlike the prior board games, Yahtzee is a strategic game and is run using a dice. The winner in this case is also highly determined by the role of the dice and he or she is the person who scores the most points. It was first published in 1956 and is now owned and published by Hasbro.


Mouse Trap 

This game was first published in 1963 by Ideal and is still currently active. The game is also slightly strategic but it is highly random. Players work together in building a mouse trap and once this objective is completed they turn on each other. In other words, the all become trappers trying to trap the opponents mouse pieces. This game is highly involving and is a reflection of society. People grow up together then start working against each other. 


Snakes and Ladders

This game has been around for a while. It is believed to have been in existence since 2nd century AD.  It has its roots back in India but has gained international acclaim and is thus a worldwide classic. This game is highly random and is not dependent on skill. Players use a dice to determine the number of steps they can take to move up and if a player lands on a ladder they can move up. Landing on the head of a snake means the player has to descend the length of the snake. 


The Game of Life

This too is a Milton Bradley game created in 1860. The modern version was first published in 1960. It is also a game based on chance and luck determined by the rotation of a wheel. This game is dependent on an individual’s ability to count and read. It depicts modern life where a player mimics the life of an urban, modern day individual. The player finds his or her way through college, jobs, marriage and retirement.

Electronic Detective

This game requires the player to solve over 130,000 different murder mysteries. It is therefore a slow game and takes a while to complete. A maximum of 4 players can play at any given time. The computer becomes the suspect and the players are the detectives. The players use cards to question the suspect to obtain vital information to help identify the murderer. This game does require some thick skin because not everyone is fit to be a detective.


Chinese Checkers

This board game is of German origin which can be played with up to six people. The game is a modern variation of Sternhalma or Halma. The goal of this board game is to be the first to race all the individual players’ pieces across the hexagram-shaped board into home which is a corner opposing the start corner. Movement is single-step jumps over other pieces and dice, cards nor a spinning wheel is required.


Board games have a special place in most households and childhood memories. These vintage board games are classics, however there are other various board games and each of them is unique in its own way. 

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